Cyborg Llama - Terms of Use


The software is provided without support or promise of future support. While support and/or partial support may be provided for some software, both at launch and in the future, this is not an indication that the product will continue to be supported.


No promise is made or implied as to the continued availability of and/or any content or services provided, and I reserve the right to discontinue and/or takedown any content, or service at my sole discretion.


By using and/or continuing to use the accompanying software you agree to be bound by the terms defined within this license agreement, as well as any future changes made to this license agreement as it is posted on Additionally, it should be observed that in an effort to keep the content of this document simple and understandable, the content will often neglect to explicitly state all legal and/or situational permutations that may arise in the course of the development and/or use of the accompanying software, and in such cases the spirit of the contract should be followed. In cases where multiple interpretations of this contract do exist, the interpretation of that of the developer of the accompanying software shall be the one enforced.

You are not allowed to freely distribute the accompanying software without prior written consent from the developer. Additionally, no additional rights other than the right to use the software are conferred by obtaining a copy of the software. Activities such as reverse engineering, creating derivative works, re-packaging, re-distributing, and/or otherwise modifying or claiming ownership and/or authorship of the accompanying software are not allowed.

The accompanying software is provided with no explicit or implied warranty, including fitness for a particular purpose or use, and the software is used at the end user’s own risk. The end user will hold harmless the developer for tangible and/or intangible loss caused directly or indirectly by the use of the accompanying software, including loss of profits, data, customers, productivity, reputation, sanity, etc.

If any part of this contract is found to be unenforceable, or retraction of part is required by law or circumstance, the remaining parts of this agreement will remain in full effect.