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Static Instrumentation Profiler for CIL


"MOOOOAAAAR SPEED!" Bellowed the barbarian chieftain. I flinched, as did my companions, at the guttural cry. We were already pushed to our limits, and now the chief wanted more? How could we? The structure upon which we worked was now a towering Goliath, a complex machine where inefficiency could easily hide anywhere. To root it out would take time, and as I looked up at the barbarian chieftain and saw him menacingly sharpening his blade, I knew that time was a resource that we did not have.

Hope, at the moment, seemed distant; an unrealizable dream.

That's when all of the sudden, a came from and . At first we , but then we saw that was ! We couldn't stop screaming as   . I until , but to no avail, for never stopped biscuits. I because you know? Then        and I was all like " " .

The moral of the story? Sudden cravings for "MOOOOAAAAR SPEED!" may be satisfied in part by use of CillyRabyte.exe.

Side effects include, but are not limited to:

CillyRabyte.exe is not a substitute for ingenuity and/or experience. CillyRabyte.exe is a powerful program, please use responsibly. Ask your doctor if CillyRabyte.exe is right for you.

What's that you say? You want an actual feature list? Fine...I was done anyway.