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Voodoo Smash Attack Lackey

Inane Chatter Generator

LAMP Stack, C++

This program is basically a rehashing of a program I made many, many, years ago. The idea behind the original program was basically to, upon a single key press, rapidly generate key stroke events to "type" a sentence produced by an internal template generation system. The main use of this program, obviously, was to generate an inhuman amount of crazy chatter while playing multiplayer games.

Basically, this new version of the program is just an incredibly polished version of the old. Based on the LAMP stack, the generation templates can be collaboratively maintained, and past generations can be inspected, commented upon, and rated in an effort to collate the best collection of generation templates.

Although, originally created as simply a conversation piece, the open nature of the generation system make the program possibly useful in teaching parts of speech.