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Crunchy Box

Libraries for Reflection


The Crunchy Collection is a collection of five (it's closer to 16 now. I really have to update this site.) C# libraries that I've been developing in conjunction with some of my other projects.

Crunchy Dough : Mainly just a ton of extension methods for strings, IEnumerables, and reflection types.

Crunchy Salt : Adds FieldInfo and MethodInfo adapter wrappers that generate CIL code as necessary to cut down on dynamic field get/set and method invoke overhead.

Crunchy Noodle : Adds a type/field/method filtering system with query caching among other things. Of particular interest is that it allows for the transparent querying/handling of type extension methods.

Crunchy Ramen : Adds some extension methods specifically for dealing with some more meta-programming things.

Crunchy Ginger : Provides a lightweight .cs file writer.